Avdhoot Baba Shivanand brings ‘Cure is Possible’ message to Washington

Celebrated Yogi Scientist talks of healing by practicing ShivYog at Indian Embassy event

By Geeta Goindi

Washington, DC, August 10, 2017 – A packed audience greeted holistic health expert Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand who shared his knowledge of healing at an event Friday evening hosted by the Indian Embassy.

Dr. Shivanand, fondly called Babaji (father), is the founder of ShivYog, a cosmic science that focuses on healing body, mind and soul. “Shiv means cosmic and Yog means merging”, he told his devotees at the Chancery. “ShivYog means merging your individual consciousness to the cosmic consciousness”. This union with the infinite results in self-awakening.

Dr. Shivanand dons many caps as a spiritual Guru, holistic medicine scientist, teacher, researcher, guide, speaker and philosopher. He is currently on a nearly five-month tour of the US during which he is teaching Shivyog, elucidating its extraordinary power. He wants Americans to know that “cure is possible”.

Renowned master healer and spiritual Guru, Avdhoot Baba Shivanand, at his talk on ‘Cure is Possible’ hosted by the Indian Embassy in Washington

The healing master’s breakthrough lies in discovering how to eradicate the fundamental cause of disease so a person’s self-healing energies can be tapped and together with contemporary medical practices, result in a cure.

Medical professionals concur that healing depends to a large extent on the patient’s attitude, beliefs and thought process. A doctor can only do so much; the patient must contribute to the healing process.

“With Shiv Yog Cosmic Medicine, modern medicine can get its missing jigsaw”, Dr. Shivanand said, at his talk in Washington. “So far, modern medicine has relied solely on physical treatment to bring relief to patients. However, with ShivYog, I am empowering doctors in top medical universities and colleges in the world to learn about the healing and expansion of vibrational frequency, electromagnetic radiation, cellular mind, and consciousness within a person. I have explained in detail to healthcare professionals that we have to treat a human being as a whole and not merely as a physical entity”.

He underscored the importance of a doctor as being “a reservoir of health and healing energy. ShivYog aims to do just that”, he said.

In an interaction with journalists following his talk at the Embassy, Dr. Shivanand spoke of visiting various American cities and feeling pleased and heartened “to see the research being conducted by physicians on how Yog can cure various diseases”.

He noted, “Diseases are increasing and patients are being told there is no cure. My purpose of coming here is to tell people that what India has given to the world in the form of yog, I am now complementing further and by adopting ShivYog, cure is possible”, he averred.

“When medical practitioners and physicians in India and around the world integrated ShivYog cosmic medicine into modern medicine, they were happy to find that diseases could be cured. I have come here to educate the doctors”, he said.

Dr. Shivanand is on a divine mission. His goal is to not just heal people, but to teach them to heal themselves and others.

We asked him, How receptive are Indian-Americans to what you are saying? “They are very receptive”, he replied, not just Indian-origin people, but all Americans. “Good health, happiness is everyone’s birthright”, he emphasized.

“I am very happy that they are so receptive and not only that, they are getting cured”, he told us. “So, that’s a very big reward. They are practicing (ShivYog) and they are experiencing so much peace, success, health, happiness”.

Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Santosh Jha addressing the gathering at a talk on health and happiness hosted by the Indian Embassy in Washington

In introductory remarks, Mr. Santosh Jha who has recently taken charge as the Deputy Chief of Mission in Washington told the gathering that one of the things which has become a leading element of the diplomatic mission’s work is to look back at India’s rich, ancient history and see what message it sends to the world. “This quest for spirituality that has come to characterize India is something that we are bringing out to the rest of the world — the message of peace, of happiness, of healing”, he said.

Noting that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the lead in showcasing and bringing the power of yoga to the world with the United Nations designating June 21 as the International Day of Yoga, Dr. Shivanand told the attentive audience at the Embassy, “Now an Indian Yogi has come to complement the efforts of the Prime Minister by introducing the complete Yog of ancient India: ShivYog”.

He affirmed, “The greatness of a nation can be seen by what it can do for the betterment of the world. With a rich spiritual history adorned by yogis and saints, India leads the world in sharing the wisdom of integrating modern medicine with cosmic medicine, healing agriculture and bringing happiness to every human being on the planet”.

During his tour, he has met with US elected officials including Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania who presented him a US flag which was flown over the Capitol building in Washington as a mark of respect to the spiritual healer. An accompanying citation reads that Dr. Shivanand is being recognized for his “dedication to healing and teaching health care providers, allied health care professionals, and corporate leaders at various medical universities across the United States the innovative, ancient, integrative ShivYog Cosmic Medicine and ShivYog Cosmic Farming”.

Republican Senator Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania presented a certificate to Dr. Shivanand commemorating his visit to the US and recognizing his “devotion to ShivYog Cosmic Science”. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf commended Dr. Shivanand for his leadership, compassion and dedication to the tenets of Shiv Yog. “Your teachings around contributing to the betterment of our world while also practicing mindfulness and detached observation are an asset to all who learn them”, he stated. In Nassau County, New York, June 18 was declared as ‘Shivanand Day’.

“I was really moved”, he told us, about the honors.

In his talk at the Embassy, he said, “I really appreciate how the US is open to the good work of anyone. You get motivation to do a lot of good work for the country and for the people”.

He likened the circumstances of Indian-Americans to Lord Krishna with respect to His biological mother and the mother who raised Him. “The Lord was asked, ‘Oh Krishna, who will you call your mother, Devaki who delivered you to this world or Yashoda who brought you up to be who you are? The Lord embraced both as His mothers, honoring the contribution of each in His life. Likewise, India is our motherland, but the US is nurturing the dreams and ambitions of so many Indians. So, by virtue of the US being a second home, welcoming Indians with open arms, untold warmth and hospitality, it is also a motherland”, he told the diaspora in Washington.

Dr. Avdhoot Baba Shivanand, founder of ShivYog, was accompanied by his wife Sadhana Shivanand, fondly called Guru Ma, at his talk on healing at the Indian Chancery in Washington

Dr. Shivanand exudes an equanimity, a sweetness of temperament and disposition, and a knowledge which comes from enlightenment.

Looking across the packed room at the Embassy, he said, “Indians are like sugar, they add to the sweetness of a country. All over the world, they mix with any culture, any nationality, any community and contribute, complement and create growth in the nation that they settle in”.

“Think big, if you think big you will become big”, he told the gathering. “Empowerment is in your hands. You are the creator of your destiny. So, please create a good destiny for yourself, coming generations and for your country”.

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